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Online is a way of life..

Moving Online in Medicines and Pharma

With the advent of online business, everything right from wholesale to retail has gone online in every sector and domain. Even in the current Covid days, it is Online that is making things smooth for everyone. Every business needs online marketing and so is the medical sector. Our lives are getting busier and even on the normal days we always opt for online shops and sites to get our things delivered to our doorsteps. Right from clothing to accessories and finally to consultations and medicine online, we have been increasingly dependent on digital shopping sites and shops. In the current COVID days, ever since lockdown has been announced, it is even safer and advisable to order things from home only even medicines and other essential items also. Thus this is the time these online pharmacy apps are the best resort. And certainly helps you in getting your medicines on time and at your doorsteps.

Problems with Online medical apps

But do they always get you the medicines you have ordered or have demanded. At times yes and at times they deliver with what they have. You order or you upload a prescription but sometimes they provide you with the substitutes available with them and not what has been ordered. Now this can work out when it is about essential items but not with your medicines and this disappoints the online consumers. Most online pharmacy apps have higher bounce rates because they either ask you to change your medicine or sometimes even suggest you to take medicines prescribed by the doctors on their respective payrolls. The other problem faced with respect to pharmacy online shopping is that these apps take a minimum of 24 hours to deliver medicines at your doorstep and sometimes you need them urgently. In such situations the trust of online users gets shaken and they switch back to their chemist shops. However the chemists are also operational for limited hours only. To combat these issues there is a new pharmacy player in the market labelled as . “Indian Chemist.”

Indian Chemist- Buy medicines Online In India

We are a one stop shop when you think to buy medicine online in India

Indian chemist is there finally to tackle the hurdles posed by other apps with respect to: Give

  • online pharmacy delivery,
  • pharmacy online shopping,
  • untimely delivery of medicines,
  • providing substitutes so on and so forth.

Indian chemist, an emerging online medicine shop, is an aggregator app having a hub of chemists and chemist shops across the territories and domains that will provide medicine home delivery. The app will source medicines from your nearby chemist prescribed by your trusted doctor and will deliver the same at your doorstep within 30 minutes of ordering. The app in most cases will provide what has been ordered and will provide discounts also. The app is a brainchild of regular research and comes up with all those solutions which have been a major cause of concern till now.

The app will be operational 24x7 and will provide a multitude of facilities right from sourcing from your nearby chemist to delivering at your doorstep and exactly what has been ordered. It is a platform for all online chemist in India. The app will also be beneficial for the chemist shops in various formats and will be first operational in the capital of India which is Delhi. The app will have a summation of chemist shops of delhi and will certainly be the best online chemist in Delhi amidst other competitors. You can also buy medicines online with discounts running across different sections. Post Delhi The app will spread its area of operations in various other parts of India. Indian Chemist has already started advocating about its various operations and its online channels have already started catering online users. The app facilitates online pharmacy delivery. In a nutshell the app is here to give you a variety of benefits; You won’t have to go to your nearby pharmacy store,
  • The app provides medicines 24x7,
  • The app delivers medicines within 30 minutes of ordering,
  • The app delivers medicines at your doorstep
  • This app provides attractive discounts and you can even sell your unused medicines on this app
For instance, if you are residing in Delhi, and you search for chemist home delivery in your area, we will connect you with the online chemist shop in delhi or to be more precise, say chemist shop in north delhi nearest to your location. We aim to connect our customers with the best online chemist in India to deliver quality and certified medicines.

Imagine where you will find all these benefits. So Stay Tuned and download the best online pharmacy store or Best online chemist now- Indian chemist