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30 Minutes Home Delivery of Discounted Medicines in Delhi

Autor :Indian Chemsit, Date :May 19, 2020, Source :Indian Chemsit, Category : Wellness

Online Chemist in Delhi

There are certain illnesses like cough and cold or headache, which seems so small and common but causes so much discomfort. In this changing season, having a cold is very common. At that time, all you need is a medicine and some rest. What if you do not have that single medicine and have no strength to go to the chemist? Now imagine, in such a situation, a pharmacy comes to your doorstep. No, you are not dreaming! Just like your favourite pizza, soon you can buy cold and flu medicine online and get them delivered in just 30 minutes. Surprised? Let us know more about it.

Online pharmacy delivery services are widely used specially in metro cities like Delhi. They have various advantages like-

  • Medicines can be ordered from anywhere to anywhere.
  • One does not need to step out of the house to buy medicines.
  • It is a convenience, especially to elderly and people with small children who cannot rush to the market.
  • Online stores give more discounts than medical stores.

However, all these online stores take a minimum 24-48 hours to deliver your medicines. Many people also wonder if the medicines are genuine or not. Keeping in mind all your problems and concerns, one app is coming to Delhi which will be your helping hand at the time of need. Indian Chemist is a one-of-its-kind app which fulfils all your medical needs in just 30 minutes. It is soon launching in Delhi to make healthcare accessible to all. It empowers you to experience the ease and comfort in online purchase of prescribed medicines. Let us know how it works.You must have ordered from food delivery apps like Zomato or Swiggy. Once they receive the order, the delivery boy picks up from the restaurant near us and delivers to us. Similarly, when you order from Indian Chemist, their trained staff will pick up the medicines from your trusted pharmacists and deliver them to your doorstep. Indian Chemist brings all the pharmacies under one roof to serve its customers.

Some of the other advantages of downloading Indian Chemist app are-

  • They deliver in any part of Delhi within 30 minutes.
  • They deliver 24X7 throughout the year. They even work on public holidays.
  • They ensure you get genuine medicines prescribed by your doctor and not it’s alternative.
  • Along with medicines, they deliver surgical supplies, baby products, fitness products, and personal care products.
  • They understand that sometimes we no longer need medicine. They are happy to
  • take back unopened medicines.
  • By bringing medicines from your local trusted pharmacy, you can be sure of getting genuine medicines.
  • They also give Rs. 500 cash back on downloading the app.

Indian Chemist app will be your one stop for all medical supplies. You do not need to be dependent on anyone else. So, anytime and from anywhere, do all your pharmacy shopping from Indian Chemists.

30 Minutes Home Delivery of Discounted Medicines in Delhi