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Stay at Home and Buy Medicines Online from the Best Pharmacy

Autor :Indian Chemsit, Date :May 19, 2020, Source :Indian Chemsit, Category : Wellness

The world had never imagined that there would be a pandemic which would make people stay at their homes refraining them from all kinds of facilities they had been enjoying. While there has been closure at the global level due to the Covid-19 outbreak, India is no exception. The authorities have imposed the most strict regulations and rules to keep people hooked to their homes. While everything is closed down, at times it becomes difficult to stay at home and to overcome the anxiety that knocks the brain of every individual. While struggling with the quarantine is one concern the other is to balance the mental health as well.

The global closure is affecting everything right from domestic chores to commercial activities to education institutions and every single line of activity. And the increment in cases further adds to worry and anxiety. Just like an individual’s mental health is important, so is the health of a toddler who is equally at the risk of getting infected with CoronaVirus.

Only essential services like food and grocery shops, chemist shops, healthcare centres have been allowed to operate in these times of crisis and have been allowed home deliveries as well. While your nearby chemist is open still sometimes it becomes challenging and scary to even move outside to procure the essential medical items from your nearby chemist.

Thus there is an app that is going to be operational soon, will source medicines from your nearby chemist prescribed by your trusted doctor and will deliver the same at your own doorstep. This app is Indian chemist and the app will neither provide you with the substitutes nor will recommend you with its own set of doctors or prescriptions just Like Practo, net meds and other medical app counterparts.

Indian chemist have already debuted on various social media platforms and while the app is just a few months away from becoming a real time source of delivery, it is already advocating important information related to the ongoing pandemic including important lessons of social distancing, stay at home, so on and so forth.

The app, Indian chemist will strengthen and streamline the culture of pharmacy online shopping in India and help people in buying medicines online in India prescribed by their doctors. The app will also help in sourcing the medicines prescribed by the doctors counterfeiting the trend of substitution of medicines practiced by other app participants and this will automatically make it easy for everyone to buy medicines online prescribed by their own

Stay at Home and Buy Medicines Online from the Best Pharmacy