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What has been pregnant during these quarantine times so far

Autor :Indian Chemist, Date :May 26, 2020, Source :Indian Chemist, Category : Wellness

Covid 19 has shaken the world and made us sit at our homes. The atmosphere is stressful and anxiety is growing everywhere. There is growing unrest, negativity and people are anxious and inquisitive about the happenings in the world. The situation is more alarming in case of pregnant women. Pregnant ladies are scared to step outside of their homes and are apprehensive about key concerns in the ongoing corona times. In such times it is important to strike a fine balance between your mental and physical health. It is important to follow following steps during such times;

  • Eat healthy and do get your food diet charts prepared by your gynaecologists at regular intervals
  • Practice antenatal yoga
  • Avoid changes in your routine
  • Listen to your favorite songs or music regularly
  • Avoid listening to news and rumours
  • Go for E-consultation rather than physically meeting your doctor
  • Eat god and nutritious food during pregnancy
  • Keep good food hygiene during pregnancy
  • Separate raw and cooked food

There are good things about being pregnant in a pandemic and the same are listed here;

  • Guilt free snacking
  • Resting is normalized
  • Better prenatal research
  • More time to read baby gear reviews

It is important to stay in touch with your loved ones and to stay connected with our pregnant ladies if possible. You must stay happy and positive in the quarantine times and must follow instructions laid by a gynaecologist. The answer is suggested by indian chemist, an aggregator platform for chemists. They source medicines from your nearby chemist and deliver at your doorstep. While there are various platforms available, these platforms take 24 hours to deliver medicines at your doorstep. Contrary to these Indian Chemist takes 30 minutes only.

So ladies keep yourself healthy and do stay positive. Quarantine times can be difficult if you fail to control anxiety and fear . These are the times here you need to relax and strike a balance between your mental and physical health. Stay safe and stay at home . Try for E- consultations with your gynaecologist and step out only when it is absolutely important.

What has been pregnant during these quarantine times so far