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Workout and Learning Tips for parenting during the coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Autor :Indian Chemist, Date :May 19, 2020, Source :Indian Chemist, Category : Wellness

We are right now in the most crucial state of our life. The present Covid-19 Times have been surrounding us and there is a growing atmosphere of anxiety and restlessness at present. We all are quarantined for quite some time now and as the time spans have been increasing, we are surrounded by anxieties, metabolic disorders, disturbed sleep patterns, so on and so forth.

Our schedules have been dismantled whereby we are stuck at our houses and can’t move out at our own discretion. The times have been difficult at present and can be even more stressful for pregnant women, lactating mothers, parents of infants and neonates. The challenge for parents in current times is to ensure a perfect balance of physical fitness and mental fitness for their kids.

So here we are with some of the tips to keep your kids active during pandemic;

  • Talk to them and understand their behavioural patterns. This is a good time to see them growing and to understand and to work upon their behavioural patterns.
  • If they are missing school, make them speak to their friends, teachers and other school staff via online apps and other methods of E-communication.
  • Engage them and participate with them in their favorite activities. It could be dance, singing, music, reading or anything that makes them happy.
  • If your child is growing or is in their teenage and loves to do home-care work or stuff, engage them in activities like cooking, house cleaning etc
  • Tell them about coronavirus and things like social distancing, hand hygiene and create a positivity around the same rather than scaring them with too much information
  • Make them eat healthy food and practice easy exercises if they are missing outings with friends
  • Make a schedule and timetable for your kids. This will keep them more structured and more hooked to their routines later.
  • Tell them to wash their hands regularly for 20 second and wear masks if ever they have to step out in certain cases if required.
  • Don’t stress or scream in case you are a “work from home” parent at the moment. Try explaining them and seek their cooperation. You can strike a healthy balance if you will manage your time to participate with them in their daily chores and activities.
  • Listen to news and check social media only when it is necessary. Too much exposure to news can be panicking and can also affect a child's mental health.
  • Make them speak to their cousins, grandparents and other near and dear ones both at home and through video calls.
  • Hug them frequently so as to make them feel protected and loved all the time.
  • Reward them for good behaviour or for doing their activity or homework on time
  • Avoid getting rude with them or punishing them. Remember they can’t go out and this can create a stress in the home surroundings In nutshell make them believe that things will be fine tuned soon and these bad times will be over. Keep them positive and happy in all the cases.
Workout and Learning Tips for parenting during the coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic