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Buy Unani Medicine Online India

Before you consider to buy unani medicine online India, it is important to understand exactly what unani medicine is Unani system of medicine which is also known as the Greco-arab medicine or the unani tibb has originated from Greece. The term Unani has been derived from the word Unan which is the Urdu and Arabic for Greece. The Unani medicine system is based on the principle that before starting the treatment of any individual, it is important to understand the symptoms. Once the symptoms are closely examined and understood, the Unani medical system emphasises healing based on diet and rest.

The Concept of Health :

According to the unani medical health care, there are six basic factors that are considered to be the most essential contributors in maintaining good health and preventing oneself from illness and diseases. Those six factors are:

  • Diet: Food and drinks
  • Sleep cycles and watchfulness
  • Physical activities
  • Retention and excretion
  • Mental activities and rest balance
  • Air

The importance is always given to the diet and the state of digestion whether a person is healthy or sick.

Use of Unani Medicines

Being a traditional medicine practice that uses herbs and natural ingredients to cure and heal an individual both in terms of obtaining and maintaining a healthy life and to sustain that health for a long period of time. Unani medicines can be used for various purposes once the symptoms are studied and well examined to formulate the process of diet and rest healing concept. It provides cure to each and every organ and system of the human body which includes chronic ailments, skin diseases, liver and muscle issues, reproductive system and even immunity system.

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