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Oppo Elbow Support (XL) (1080)

Arms & Elbow Supports Brand:Oppo Division:Oppo Medical Inc Strength:Xl
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About Oppo Elbow Support (XL) (1080) :
Oppo Elbow brace provides full support of the elbow region in conjunction with reducing the insertion of the extensor carpi radialis tendon.
Instruction About Oppo Elbow Support (XL) (1080) :
Use as directed by the physician and consult a doctor if the pain prolongs
Uses Instruction About Oppo Elbow Support (XL) (1080) :
Insert hand into the brace and pull up to the elbow, Position the circular pad on the extensor or flexor muscle, Thread through the buckle and secure the hook and loop strap to the desired compression
Features Oppo Elbow Support (XL) (1080) :
Circular pad for extra pressure on the muscle in the arm or wrist.