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Oppo Band Silver (8006)

Supports And Braces Brand:Oppo Division:Oppo Medical Inc Strength:One Size Fits All - 1.5 Meters / 5
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About Oppo Band Silver (8006) :
Oppo Band is a complete progressive resistance exercise program with tension-progressive resistance bands, Provides both concentric and eccentric force on the muscles, improving strength, the range of motion and coordination.
Instruction About Oppo Band Silver (8006) :
Use as directed by the physician, consult the doctor if pain prolongs
Uses Instruction About Oppo Band Silver (8006) :
Simple to use and portable enough to take anywhere
Features Oppo Band Silver (8006) :
Strength training for muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, muscle concentric and eccentric exercise, Coordination training to improve cooperation of muscle groups, Stretching to improve range of motion, Core exercise training to improve trunk stability.