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Oppo Arm Sling (M) (3087)

Arms & Elbow Supports Brand:Oppo Division:Oppo Medical Inc Strength:M
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About Oppo Arm Sling (M) (3087) :
Arm sling keeps helps to keep the affected arm in position, Adjustable sling provides a protective pouch to replace the conventional sling, It acts as comfortable support during recuperation from the sprained, broken or surgically separated arm.
Instruction About Oppo Arm Sling (M) (3087) :
Use as directed by the physician, consult the doctor if pain prolongs
Uses Instruction About Oppo Arm Sling (M) (3087) :
Insert forearm in the sling, Pull strap over the shoulder, Insert the hook end of the strap into the buckle, Adjust the length of the shoulder strap so the elbow joint rests at an approximate 90° angle, Then fasten the hook and loop closure to tighten
Features Oppo Arm Sling (M) (3087) :
It is comfortable and lightweight, Prevents you from moving your arm too much as you heal after an injury, Used in case of a Brachial nerve injury, Shoulder subluxation/ dislocation, Upper arm fracture.