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Dynamic Dyna Cockup Splint (1660) (L)

Hand & Wrist Support Brand:Dynamic Division:Dynamic Techno Medicals Pvt Ltd Strength:L
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About Dynamic Dyna Cockup Splint (1660) (L) :
Dynamic Cock-up splint applies intermittent and a gentle force for lengthening tissues and to restore motion which helps to improve muscle tone. It is effective in cases of post-fracture rehabilitation, burns, and cerebral palsy.
Instruction About Dynamic Dyna Cockup Splint (1660) (L) :
To be used under the advice and supervision of a registered medical practitioner
Uses Instruction About Dynamic Dyna Cockup Splint (1660) (L) :
1) Straighten the product. 2) Connect the 3 springs to the metal rod and attach the finger extension to assist to it. 3) Apply the product on the hand in such a way that you can hold the foam padded region with the palm. Place the finge in the correspo
Features Dynamic Dyna Cockup Splint (1660) (L) :
Well padded and unbreakable. With spring system to adjust wrist tension, it is ideal for physiotherapy after extension tendon repair.