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Sexual Wellness Brand:Climax Division:Midas Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Strength:12 Gm
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About climax-delay-action-spray-for-men-12gm-408959632 :
Climax spray implies a man-only delay action spray for those who face difficulty maintain the erection for a sustained period. The climax spray for men from Midas Care is a local anesthetic that helps partne prevent premature ejaculation while prolonging
Instruction About climax-delay-action-spray-for-men-12gm-408959632 :
Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. In case of any contact, rinse your eyes and mouth immediately Spraying 3-4 time at once might numb your genital area too much Do not use if allergic to Lidocaine Do not use if your partner is pregnant or breastfeeding Av
Uses Instruction About climax-delay-action-spray-for-men-12gm-408959632 :
Shake the climax spray bottle for a few seconds
Features climax-delay-action-spray-for-men-12gm-408959632 :
Minimizes Men’s genital sensitivity Acts as a local anesthetic Helps men sustain the erection for a long time Improves the quality of intercou e for both the partne