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Immunity Boosters Brand:B Protin Strength:B Protin Powder Is A High-Quality Nutritional Health Drink For Those Who Wants To Stay Fit And Healthy. It Is Enriched With 5 Antioxidants, 28 Essential Vitamins & Minerals That Provides A Continuous Supply Of Essential Amino Acids And Nourishes The Body.
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Instruction About B Protin Mango Powder(1).png:
Keep away from direct sunlight Store in dry place Keep away from children
Uses Instruction About B Protin Mango Powder(1).png:
Add 2 tablespoons twice daily in 1 cup lukewarm water or milk
Features B Protin Mango Powder(1).png:
Makes your overall health better and stronger Builds immunity Contains vitamins and minerals Improves digestion Promotes hair and nail growth