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While we figure out that ageing is a privilege, convenience is also critical to accompany old age. We understand dependence related to old age can be a heart breaking scenario and to overcome that Indian Chemist offers affordable solutions so that you can remain independent and live life with comfort and dignity. Our main focus is to care for seniors and we are hereby fully committed to shoulder this responsibility. We offer you a wide range of elderly care products online to shop from. No matter what the need is or what you demand for, our only aim is to let customers shop products anytime, anywhere and we deliver exactly what you want & when you want.

What we have for you?

We offer you a wide range of unique items for those who need a little help. Now you can buy elderly care products in India in just a few clicks. Products we offer are:

  • Bath safety items including standing support, mats, stools, grab bars, and toilet safety products.
  • Bedroom safety items including bed rails, caddies, over bed tables, and waterproof items.
  • Living room item including l standing assists, supports and tables.
  • Mobility items including wheelchairs, walkers, sticks, and automobile assists.
  • Daily living aids including cutlery, alarms, gripping aids, dressing aids, exercisers, footrests, reachers, and kitchen aids.

Why Do elderly people have different needs?

    With age senior people’s mobility may get affected, causing a hindrance to their free movement. This usually happens due to imbalance, reduction of physical strength, poor vision, or other such commonly faced obstacles. They need assistance and support at this point of life. Indian chemist bring to you a range of elderly care products online like walkers for senior citizens.
    The slippery surface of the bathroom may not bother a normal person. But, as one grows older the need for bathroom safety items to prevent slips and falls becomes more and more essential. Indian chemist have a wide variety of products like stools, mats, standing supports, and security poles with curved grab bars to prevent falls and accidents in the bathroom.
    Keeping our elders safe in the bedroom may often get neglected. They might need help in getting in the bed and out of it. They can even need assistance while in bed. Almost around 15% of the accidents in the bedroom are due to falling from the bed or the chair. Therefore, bedroom safety holds paramount importance if you have an elderly person at home. This is why we, Indian Chemist bring to you a collection of products for this purpose.

Now buy elderly care products in india

  • General Wellness - Simple tasks may often seem difficult to seniors due to weakness and conditions like Arthritis and Osteoporosis, that is very common these days. We offer certain equipment and accessories that can aid seniors to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Offering you a wide range of products that are designed to provide the required care and support to the seniors.
  • Mobility Aids - With age, seniors often lose strength and balance and are more susceptible to problems relating to mobility. In order to overcome this issue and provide seniors safety, comfort and facilitate independent living, Indian Chemist bring to you a wide range of mobility aids including Walkers & Rollators, Walking Stick & Crutches, Wheelchairs and their Accessories.
  • Leisure - Maintaining an active lifestyle also includes therapeutic recreation activities for all the seniors. Therefore, Indian Chemist believe that the post-retirement age is the best age to enjoy all leisure activities. And to make the most of this time, for this seniors have to be active and should be away from joint pains, body pains etc. We offer numerous elderly care products online ,body support products and also after surgery care products, sub-categorised as Compression Support, Exercise & Fitness Gears, Support Splints and Traction Kits.
  • Health Essentials - Indian chemist offers Pill Boxes and Organizers. These devices can help senior adults manage their medicines stress free. Indian chemist provide all the health essential pills and drinks. You can buy elderly care products online easily and can help senior adults lead a happy and healthier lifestyle.